Home Solar Installation Story

Just outside of Reading, PA lies this cherished family property passed down several generations. The barn adjacent to the main house was built in 1854 and previously owned by local farmers George & Mary Frees.

When the time came to invest in electrical upgrades to the barn, both the southern orientation and size of the structure's metal roof made a perfect case for a solar array.

The Greentech Renewables warehouse just 45 mins from the property in Stroudsburg, PA serviced the project with timely deliveries on their own trucks. When a rail length issue arose after delivery, a new shipment was sent out the same day to rectify the situation which minimized the lost time and cost.

Bryan Kearney of Kearney Energy Solutions did a fantastic job working with the property owners, guiding them through the decisions that had to be made prior to construction. He then followed the engineering designs and completed the 13.6 kW, 52-panel project, in just a few days. All along he afforded the comfort needed that only an experienced contractor with solar expertise could provide when installing solar on a 160+-year-old barn.

Solar added to the barn in Birdsboro, PA Open Road near the solar project at a farm new Morgantown PA Flipping the switch on the solar project in Birdsboro, PA with Kearney Energy Solution Cousins with one of the owners of the Birdsboro, PA CGK farm Solar project  Chicken Coop 2 blocks from the Solar install near Morgantown PA CGK Farm Solar Project - Enjoying the field around the project