Home Solar Installation Story

Born in Chile, Jorge is  a talented, professional photographer now based in Dana Point, CA. He has a diverse catalog with a focus on advertising, portraiture and sports and his clients have ranged from Kodak, Nike, Asics, Target, Sears, Red Bull, and more. He fell in love with photography when his father taught him how to use a camera and went to study at the Brooks Institute in Santa Barbara in 1991. He then hit the ground running, embarking on an assisting and training tour until he started receiving his own jobs. He’s blessed to have a career that has been a passion of his since his youth.

In his free time, he’s an everyday man, spending all possible time around the ocean. He’s traveled the world surfing for fun and for jobs and grew up on boats spearfishing and fishing. He also enjoys biking and activities outdoors, admiring birds, smelling the roses and gazing into nature because he’s so grateful that he has it.

Since he was a kid, he loved nature and understood the impact of humans on the environment. Out of care and love for the earth, he drives a gas-efficient car until he buys an EV and has put solar onto his home in Dana Point, CA.

Jorge Salas looking for a Fly Fishing spot as thinks about solarizing his home in Dana Point CA Jorge Salas with his toes-on-the-nose as he thinks about solarizing his home in Dana Point CA Drone footage of the home solar project in Dana Point CA installed by CA Solar Group Jorge Salas Fly Fishing as thinks about solarizing his home in Dana Point CA