2022 Solar Podcasts: What To Listen To

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At Greentech Renewables, we aim to equip solar professionals with not only first-rate products and services but with knowledge and information. There are various reliable resources available to solar professionals, but one avenue you may not have considered yet is podcasts. This article highlights relevant podcasts targeted at solar contractors and installers. The following suggested podcasts feature various topics, including assorted questions plaguing the industry, renewable energy industry analytics, how to start a solar business, policy and energy rules, solar product efficiency, financial savings, the latest clean energy technologies, and more. Each podcast presents experienced solar professionals as hosts, some of which are highly acclaimed in the renewable energy industry. 

  • SPW - Contactors Corner
    • We’re all familiar with Solar Power World and its traction within the industry, but who knew they had a podcast! Contractor’s Corner, hosted by SPW’s editor-in-chief Kelly Pickerel, features multiple interviews with solar professionals across the industry who provide updates about the solar landscape. 
  • Straight-Talk Solar Cast 
    • President of Solar Harmonics Jamie Duran hosts Straight-Talk Solar Cast, where she helps answer important, relevant questions about solar in general. 
  • Solar Insiders - A RenewEconomy Podcast 
    • The Solar Insiders podcast features RenewEconomy founder and editor Giles Parkinson and renewable industry veteran, Nigel Morris. The two discuss the ins and outs of the industry and what that means for consumers. 
  • Energy Show 
    • The Energy Show is a 30-minute weekly talk show hosted every Saturday on KDOW radio in San Jose. Barry Cinnamon of Cinnamon Energy Systems discusses everything from solar policies to clean energy myths to product suggestions. 
  • The Energy Gang
    • The Energy Gang podcast offers weekly discussions about the latest trends in energy, renewables, and the environment. The host, Wood Mackenzie, is a global research and consultancy business supporting the natural resources industry.
  • Local Energy Rules
    • Local Energy Rules features ILSR’s (Institute for Local Self-Reliance) Senior Researcher John Farrell. He interviews leaders in local renewable energy development and those who have struggled with creating community energy projects and policy changes. 
  • The Solarpreneur 
    • The Solarpreneur podcast series helps support solar professionals in taking your sales or business to the next level, whether you’re a sales professional, marketer, or entrepreneur. Some of the topics discussed include strategy, online marketing, industry news, interviews, and more. 
  • Solar Wakeup Live! with Yann Brandt
    • The SolarWakeup podcast is an insider’s guide to the renewable energy market. This live podcast features the host and managing editor of SolarWakeup, Yann Brandt. 
  • Solar Media Editors’ Channel 
    • Solar Media hosts an in-depth podcast about clean energy and renewable technologies and where they fit in the industry. 

Each podcast is available at your fingertips on various streaming platforms, such as Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, SoundCloud, Audible, Stitcher, and more. While these podcasts can provide supplemental knowledge to enhance your solar business, don’t forget that Greentech Renewables is brimming with knowledgeable, insightful experts from around the country.

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