The renewable energy industry continues to be one of the fastest-growing job markets in the country, and we've only scratched the surface. Become part of incredible teams of solar professionals and start a rewarding career with Greentech Renewables!

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We believe that competitive advantage comes from giving talented people the resources and flexibility to be their best. Each Greentech Renewables location is locally managed and operated, affording our employees the opportunity to make impactful, personal contributions while working in a committed team atmosphere. We respect our employees' autonomy and believe individual ownership and accountability are powerful motivators. We are looking for team members who exhibit our core values of Service, Integrity, and Reliability. 

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Medical Coverage
Medical Coverage
Life and Disability Coverage
Life and Disability Coverage
Investment Opportunities
Investment Opportunities
Profit Sharing
Profit Sharing

Greentech Renewables has a competitive and comprehensive benefits package that offers medical, dental, and vision insurance and other voluntary supplemental insurance plans. Basic life and disability insurance for all full-time employees is offered, along with additional coverage for employees, spouses, and dependents. Greentech Renewables also provides a 401(k) plan with a wide variety of investment funds to personalize your retirement portfolio.

Career Opportunities


As a member of the Greentech Renewables Sales team, you will contribute to the deployment of solar technology in business-to-business sales in residential and commercial applications.  Our sales teams are trained on the latest advancements in solar and energy storage in order to equip our customers with the tools needed to compete in the ever-evolving solar market.  You will form lasting relationships with solar installers and contractors and work hard to support their design, engineering, and procurement needs.

Depending on your strengths and interests, we have a great Sales role for you:

Outside Sales

As the market face of Greentech Renewables, the Outside Sales position is on the front lines of the solar industry and is responsible for gaining new business.  You will conduct market research, identify great business opportunities, and develop and manage relationships with both new and established customers.

Inside Sales

As a member of the Inside Sales team, you will be the foundation of our customers' experience.  You will be responsible for supporting customers throughout their entire journey, from solar equipment quote generation, to receiving and processing Orders, to coordinating complex fulfillments for customers' projects.  If you value opportunities to deliver white glove customer service, ensure a customer's project goes off without a hitch, and are known to solve any problem you encounter, Inside Sales is right for you!

Counter Sales

An integral part in the face-to-face interactions of Greentech Renewables, the Counter Sales position is responsible for providing a great customer experience to customers who visit our locations.  You will interact directly with customers, answer questions about solar products and services, support warehouse operations, and guide customers on what they need to get their jobs done.

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Greentech Renewables Sales Employee


Our operations team is responsible for managing the efficient, high-volume ins and outs of a Greentech Renewables location, while staying on the cutting edge of the rapidly evolving solar industry. With over 70 years of operational leadership, we provide best-in-class logistics and warehousing services. Join our operations team to develop supply chain and business management best practices while learning how to run a proven and leading distribution business model.

Operations Management

Our Operations Management team is responsible for the efficient execution of a location's business operations, including warehouse operations, inventory management, infrastructure, billing, systems, and more. You will manage and support your colleagues on the operations team to make sure they have the tools and resources they need to be successful.


Purchasing is responsible for matching supply to demand while managing great relationships with the leading product manufacturers in the solar industry. Purchasing makes sure we have products available to support our customers' projects. You will need to stay on the cutting edge of emerging product trends, anticipate pricing and availability fluctuations, and ensure we are using our inventory as efficiently as possible.


Our warehouse team expertly manages the efficient product and personnel movements in a Greentech Renewables location.  You should be naturally organized with a strong attention to detail.  You will ensure the quality of our inbound and outbound orders, organize inventory, fulfill orders, and help to improve the speed and accuracy of our warehouse operations.


Our delivery team manages one of the defining aspects of the Greentech Renewables customer experience: unparalleled logistics and delivery service. You will be a key ambassador for Greentech Renewables, meeting customers at their job sites or places of business and ensuring we fulfill on our value promise by providing a great customer service experience and reliable delivery of customer orders. You will handle full truckloads of solar material, developing solar product knowledge and industry expertise, and be trained in best practices in logistics management, warehouse operations, and roadside safety.

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Greentech Renewables Operations Employee


Run your own business. Be a part of the largest distributor in solar. The Manager role at Greentech Renewables gives you the best of both worlds.

Each Greentech Renewables location is locally managed and operated, affording our employees the opportunity to make impactful personal contributions while working in a committed team atmosphere. As a Greentech Renewables Manager, you set your go-to-market strategy, hire and manage your people, select your inventory, all with the financial expertise and backing of CED. We believe that competitive advantage comes from giving great people the resources and flexibility to achieve their best.

If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and enjoy a fast-paced environment, come thrive as a manager at Greentech Renewables and take a leading role in the solar energy revolution.


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Greentech Renewables Management Trainee

National Support

Without the help of our national support personnel, Greentech Renewables couldn’t operate. Our support staff consists of individuals working in credit, IT, marketing, engineering, and program support. They’re responsible for providing specialized guidance in their area of expertise to help support our location managers in running successful, customer service-driven businesses.


Support locations’ goals on going to market, branding, creating stories and customer experiences online and off.  This includes helping drive marketing goals, creating and curating content and collateral then delivering communications to drive sales, leads and grow the market. With customers’ journeys going more online, marketing is helping create online experiences to help our customers.


Our credit team is especially important in serving customers by managing the credit extension and collection processes in our locations. Applicants to our credit training program will work alongside experienced credit managers to learn all aspects of financial management in the solar & electrical wholesale industry. The program (2–3 years) details the intricacies of administering CED’s credit policy through proficiency in financial review, collection management, protecting company assets, problem solving, negotiations and utilizing construction lien and bond laws.

Our credit teams are responsible for balancing risk and reward and actively working alongside our Location Managers and their customers to achieve financial success. Credit Managers partner with the Location Managers to make credit recommendations that allow for successful business growth with our customers. The Credit Manager’s skill in managing and negotiating sound financial strategies through customer relationships results in win-win opportunities. These activities define our Credit Managers as leaders within our organization.


Greentech Renewables' IT organization is an engine of innovation for the company’s decentralized business model. This department designs products and services that individual Locations can adopt to enhance their value proposition. Whether designing technology focused on improving our customers’ experiences or streamlining our interactions with manufacturers, our IT organization provides creative solutions to meet the needs of our Locations across the country. Our diverse team of highly skilled developers create customized solutions while simultaneously supporting numerous third party integrations to meet the ever changing demands of our growing business.

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Looking to get a head start in a lucrative career? Greentech Renewables offers competitive internships for college students. Our internship program takes you inside the solar industry and provides you with a unique insight into Greentech Renewables' day-to-day operations, culture and career opportunities.

Watch and learn from Greentech Renewables' top entrepreneurial minds, while having the opportunity to make a lasting impact. The internship will give you a firsthand experience on what it takes to be successful in our industry.


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Greentech Renewables Internship Program

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Greentech Renewables is one of the most abundant solar product wholesale distributors in the country. We ship our own inventory every morning from 80+ locations nationally with new locations opening all the time making a rewarding career at Greentech Renewables closer than you think!

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