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Greentech Renewables Design Services

We offer design services for custom, residential, commercial, and utility-scale projects. Our design teams are on call to provide engineering and logistics support for your next project. 

Expect the best of the best.

Our team of solar design professionals has decades of experience and expertise that can give your business a competitive advantage. We analyze every project from a solar contractor's perspective to make the installation cost-effective. We prioritize proactive communication to keep our clients informed throughout the design lifecycle. 

Our model is fully scalable to meet your customers' engineering timeline and budget requirements. At Greentech Renewables, we have upward visibility in the solar supply chain, which allows us to curate the best equipment selection for confident planning and provides you with the best value

Design services developing design plans for installation project.

Hospital of Light Project

Commercial project Greentech Renewables Design Services supported.

King Open School Project

Greentech Renewables Design Services project with King Open School.
Contact your local Greentech Renewables representative.
We make you an account with design services.
You submit project RFQs via an online form.
For commercial projects, agree to the quote and submit a full intake.
Gather your permits and PE stamps.
Your local Greentech location handles the rest.

What can you expect in your design package?

Residential Deliverables

For most residential design projects, deliverables include a title sheet and notes, a site plan sheet, module layout and attachment details, an electrical layout sheet, and more. Residential permit packages typically process in 1-3 business days.

Residential Greentech Renewables Solar Design Sampling Image

A sample residential electrical diagram from our designers.

Commercial & Custom Deliverables

Most commercial and custom project packages include site and array plans, structural details, stringing and electrical diagrams, mounting details, equipment labeling and scheduling, and more. Commercial and custom project draft timelines depend on the project's complexity, but all design documents are generally completed in 4-6 weeks. 

Commercial Greentech Renewables Solar Design Sampling Image

A sample custom or commercial array plan from our designers.

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Greentech Renewables is an industry leader in providing scalable solutions for your renewable energy business. 

Our Design Services group further enhances our offering, giving your operations a decided advantage over the competition. 

Our diverse group of design and engineering experts can not only assist you with real-time solutions, but our teams create the most accurate, on-time, and comprehensive plan set packages for both commercial and residential projects. 

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