Solar as we know it today was born out of humble off-grid beginnings. Rural and remote homesteads were among the first to pair solar with batteries to provide electricity in the absence of the grid. It’s fitting then that solar is reuniting with energy storage today to offer a broad spectrum of services to homes and businesses on and off the grid.

Greentech Renewables has extensive experience designing energy storage systems of all sizes. Whether your next solar project requires residential or commercial backup, self-consumption, demand charge reduction, or microgrid systems, you can count on Greentech Renewables as a trusted partner for any energy storage needs.

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At the heart of a microgrid is a computer-controlled energy management system that monitors and dispatches the energy storage system, PV, generators, and any other generation or storage assets in the system. The energy management system measures demand, sets priorities for power delivery, and automatically powers up or shuts down diesel generators to match energy demand. Energy storage is crucial to the success of a microgrid because it supplements for the fluctuation of renewable energy sources such as solar power and reduces the run time of generators. Click to read more.

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Demand Response

As global electricity demand increases, some utility companies are altering their pricing schemes to further charge customers with outstanding peak loads. It is incumbent on home or business owners to curb not just total energy consumption but peak power to reduce costs. With the cost of advanced energy storage declining significantly, consumers can invest in solar + storage to compensate for their property's highest wattage moments. Click to read more.

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The deployment of residential energy storage has evolved with the pace of nationwide renewable energy development. The homeowner's desire for energy independence has expanded beyond off-grid, remote system dwellers and grown to encompass citizens in cities, suburbs, and rural areas alike. With extreme weather events impacting grid stability on a more consistent basis, the early 2020s have seen many property owners begin to seek alternate solutions to help them keep the lights on when the grid goes dark and integrate renewable energy into their portfolios. Click to read more.

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Critical Infrastructure

Critical infrastructure encapsulates the institutions, systems, and services that are essential to the proper functioning of society and the economy. Sectors that fall within this category include healthcare, power and water distribution, transportation, and communication networks. Many specific developments, such as dams, hospitals, and public transit systems, provide service that is of paramount importance to the daily functioning of a region. Thus, the implementation of energy storage among critical infrastructure is one of the greater undertakings of the decade. Click to read more.

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