The deployment of residential energy storage has evolved with the pace of nationwide renewable energy development. The homeowner's desire for energy independence has expanded beyond off-grid, remote system dwellers and grown to encompass citizens in cities, suburbs, and rural areas alike. With extreme weather events impacting grid stability on a more consistent basis, the early 2020s have seen many property owners begin to seek alternate solutions to help them keep the lights on when the grid goes dark and integrate renewable energy into their portfolios.

As a solar contractor, the most important aspect of selling residential energy storage is asking the right questions to potential homeowner customers. The following questions are meant to provide a guide to help installers gather the right information to make an informed decision on the feasibility of a residential energy storage solution.

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1: Goals
Is your customer interested in batteries for backup energy, TOU rates, or self-consumption? Does the homeowner already own a generator? If self-consumption or TOU, is the home in an area with utility rate structures that make this project pencil out?
2: Loads
For backup systems, what does the customer deem critical in the event of a blackout? What is the energy draw and daily run time of those loads? For self-consumption or TOU, is the customer's utility interval data accessible?
3: Budget
How does the customers budget fit into their storage goals? For grid-tied projects, we recommend either an AC coupled architecture or a DC coupled hybrid inverter solution. For off-grid projects, we recommend a DC coupled system.

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