Residential energy storage solutions

40 kWh Li-ion battery
Keewaydin Island, Florida

The most important aspect of residential energy storage for solar contractors is asking the right questions to homeowners. Upon asking these questions, you'll be able to gather the information necessary to make an informed decision on the feasibility of an energy storage solution.


1. Is your customer most interested in batteries as a backup energy source, taking advantage of TOU rates, self-consumption, or a combination of these?

  • If battery backup, does the customer understand there will not be an economic advantage?
    • Does the homeowner already own a generator?
  • If self-consumption / TOU, is the home in an area with utility rate structures that make this project pencil out?

2. What loads would the customer like to power with energy storage?

  • For backup systems, what does the customer deem critical in the event of a blackout? What is the energy draw and daily run time of those loads?
  • For self-consumption / TOU, is the customer's utility interval data accessible?

3. What is the budget the customer has in mind for energy storage?


Greentech Renewables has the expertise and manufacturer partnerships to consult installers on system design and optimal solutions for any residential storage project.

  • For grid-tied projects, we recommend either an AC Coupled architecture or a DC Coupled Hybrid Inverter solution.
  • For off-grid projects, we recommend a DC coupled system with charge controllers.

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