How to Select the Correct S-5! Clamp

S-5! PV Kit

S-5! has an extensive range of products for just about any metal roof type. With so many S-5! bracket and clamp models listed on the S-5! website, selecting the appropriate model can be daunting.  Here are three ways to ensure you get the right S-5! for your project.


1. Refer to the Test Results

The first and most accurate method for selecting the appropriate S-5! clamp is to refer to the S-5 Load Test Results page.  For this you will need the Manufacturer and Product name.  After entering these details into the table you will be presented with the S-5! models that are compatible with the roof.  

2. Compare to the database

Many times it can be difficult to obtain the manufacturer information. In this case, start by taking pictures of the roof profile and detailed measurements of the seams, ribs, or corrugations. Once you have this information, refer to the S-5! Clamps and Brackets page. Here you will see images of common roof profiles and the associated S-5! model. Once the preliminary selection is made from this page, the final step is to cross reference the measurements taken of the roof with the detailed dimensions of the S-5! clamp selected to verify compatibility.

3. Talk to a professional

If there is still doubt about which clamp or bracket to use in your next project reach out to the great technical support team over at S-5! or contact your Greentech Renewables Account Manager.

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Conor Walsh
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