Commercial Solar Project

When it comes to commercial project management, there are several best practices that anyone should follow in order to achieve success. Keep reading for tips and tricks on how to manage a commercial project from our Greentech Renewables C&I Solutions team

Identify the right partners for the project

Greentech Renewables can partner with you for supplying the best suited solar equipment for the job. As a reliable and responsive partner, Greentech Renewables services include value-engineered design, project finance, comprehensive engineering, and permit sets, as well as national equipment distribution and logistics. In project planning phases, loop your Greentech Renewables account manager in early so that they can spec the right products for the job. Help us help you! 

Make sure a team is in place to plan for and account for all the small details of a project;  gather a trusted group of experts and individuals who can oversee the vision of the project and help make it a reality. It is also important to make sure the engineers and construction managers on the job are familiar with the AHJ (authority having jurisdiction) and local codes. You can always call your Greentech Renewables account manager if you have any questions on the installation specifics.

Communication is key

With any project, even over-communication is a good idea. Keep in close communication with the project team throughout the development cycle to make sure changes are tracked and everybody is on the same page. When in doubt reach out – if there is any subjective aspect of the job get clarity before assuming. That means don’t be afraid to ask questions! 

View your Greentech Renewables account manager as an extension of your team. Keep them updated on your schedule and deadlines so that they can help to keep you on track.

Set Expectations

Talk through expectations and constraints early and often. Make sure to create a budget for milestones, as well as a timeline. And don’t forget to safe harbor equipment

It is also a good idea to set regular meeting times with your installation team and customer to review the current project status and discuss the next steps in the project. These meeting times will provide an opportunity to ensure the customer is happy every step of the way and reiterate the expectations provided at the outset. 

Keep organized!

Create schedules with a buffer to allow for any unforeseen setbacks or needed extension to deadlines. Keep track of materials, when they’re going to be delivered, and their quantity, in a spreadsheet or other document. Write down your construction plans and project submissions. Be sure to track every step of the project for referencing back along the way.

Get Trained

Make sure your installer team fully understands the equipment they are working with – make sure they read the manual well in advance of installation. Watch install videos, understand the commissioning process, be aware of the support available for each product, and ask questions before you get on site. This all can potentially save a ton of time and money during construction. Also, be aware that install error is the top cause of equipment failure. Proper planning increases efficiency on-site and system resiliency.

To start, check out our online education & training library, and don’t hesitate to reach out to your Greentech Renewables account manager about the different ways that we can support your projects!

Buffer! (Build in flex time)

On big projects like this, there are many opportunities along the journey for things to go wrong and it is best to anticipate potential setbacks in the project schedule. Make sure to build in flex time into your project schedule should something happen. It is better to under-promise and over-deliver than to over promise and under deliver. It is also good to buffer on equipment. Ensure spare parts are readily available on-site, especially for racking and BoS. Rushed orders for small amounts of material can cost time and next day shipping can be expensive. Better to be looking at it than looking for it.

Inspect Shipments

Mistakes can happen when you don’t take stock of what you do and don’t have in your inventory – pay close attention to your shipments to avoid mishaps. It is a best practice to inspect your shipments early and take stock upon their arrival. Notate potential damage on delivery receipts, take pictures, and notify your supplier partner immediately. This can really help protect your team from concealed damage issues with modules. This practice will also provide your installation team with documentation to point back to if they find out panels are damaged a few months after delivery. With multiple containers full of modules stacked in pallets, it is easy to overlook any damage – if you think the pallets look dented or scratched, write it down and call your local Greentech Renewables manager ASAP! Greentech Renewables account managers can help you navigate any concerns about damaged materials. 

Reach out to your local Greentech Renewables rep 

The journey of commercial project management has many stages and avenues – from planning and preparation to execution, Greentech Renewables is here for you every step of the way. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your local Greentech Renewables representative for any of your needs. We wish you the best of luck in all your commercial project endeavors! 


3 years 4 months ago
Written by
Martha Merrow