Product Updates

IronRidge is expanding its XR Rail Family to include three size options: XR10, XR100 & XR1000. These options replace XRS & XRL.

In addition, we’ve improved both the pricing and features of many of the other Roof Mount products.

IronRidge XR Family of rails

Value Proposition

Each XR Rail size is targeted to support specific spans and design loads, while minimizing material costs.

Using Design Assistant, we evaluated the cost of 36x array configurations at 6’ spans. This analysis included pricing of the rails, L-feet, clamps, splices & lugs. 

IronRidge System Price Analysis

Talking Points





3-Rail Family

Targeted options to balance cost & performance

Eliminates over-engineering and excess cost

Curved Profile

Reinforces both vertical and lateral force directions

Greater resistance to bending and twisting


The Heavyweight. 12’ spanning capability. Extreme load capability.

Built for extreme climates and commercial and ground mount applications.


The Ultimate Residential Rail. 8’ spanning capability. Heavy load capability.

Superior performance in Northeast and high wind regions.


Low-profile Residential Rail. 6’ spanning capability. Moderate load capability.

Attractive appearance; built for the West & Southwest; superior cost-effectiveness

Internal Splice

Quick installation; Maintains aesthetic appearance; Doesn’t block the L-foot slot

Avoids confusion and re-work on the roof

Fully Anodized

Protects against surface and structural corrosion

Superior aesthetics; No “crust” during maintenance

Integrated Grounding (UL 2703)

Grounding Mid Clamps bond modules and rails. No WEEBs or Lay-in lugs; 50% reduction in rail grounding.

Reduces the time and cost associated with equipment grounding

T-bolt Lug

Top-mounting solution for rail grounding

Eliminates pre-drilling and lug assembly time

Slotted L-foot

Drop-in assembly of the rails

Faster installation

End Caps

New snap-in design; Beveled edges

Secure installation; Sleek, “finished” look

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