C-PACE Solar Financing

    Debt-free Solar Financing For Commercial Property Owners

    The C-PACE (Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy Program) financing solution can provide support for commercial property owners and developers in making upgrades to their property that increase energy efficiency, harness renewable energy, conserve water, and protect against storms.

    Property owners can tap into C-PACE financing to cover the upfront costs of their project with a minimal down payment required and secure repayment via tax assessment of the commercial property.

    This unique solution offers some key features below:

    • Long-term financing ranging at around 20-30 years (compared to traditional commercial loan duration ranging from 7-10 years)
    • Low, fixed interest rates
    • Increased security and lower risk with the tax assessment repayment mechanism
    • Ability to transfer repayment obligations to future owners of the commercial property
    • Off balance sheet financing
    • Strength added to the business case for projects making energy maintenance upgrades to existing commercial buildings

    C-PACE is currently available in the following states:


    C-PACE availability in the United States

    How C-PACE Financing Works


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