This residential installation in Denver, CO, features 27 LG360N1C-N5 Neon2 Mono panels, 27 Enphase IQ7+ microinverters under each solar panel, Unirac rails, and IronRidge panel clamps. The system also includes 4 Enphase Encharge 10 batteries with Enphase Ensemble Smart Switches and an Enphase IQ Combiner located in the mechanical room. This installation project produces 10kW of PV energy and 40kWh of battery backup.

The panels are flush mounted over premium composition shingles with flat cement tiles closely fitted around the panels to insert them into the roof. Most of the roof is an 8/12 pitch, classifying the roof as non-walkable. The panels were separated into 8 arrays to fit on portions of the home that are not visible from the front of the house. A critter guard was placed around each PV array to ensure squirrels do not damage the system. There are also multiple disconnects outside of the home to create a safe system that can be shut down in case of emergency.

The biggest challenge of this installation was connecting the 300A service to two 200A panels. The installers with Simply Efficient overcame this by backing up one of the 200A panels rather than duplicating the Ensemble and associated components, allowing for more batteries to be installed while backing up most of the home. This project was made possible thanks to Greentech Renewables Denver and the amazing work of Simply Efficient LLC.

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Denver, CO 80014
United States

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On-Grid + Battery Backup