Solar Wolf Energy completed this impressive residential slate rooftop solar installation in 2020, supporting the homeowner's sustainability goals. The installers worked with Greentech Renewables Auburn to source IronRidge XR100 rails and SolarEdge power optimizers for this unique project.

This project’s steep roof had quite a few roof obstructions, such as vents and skylights which made a very limited space for the crews to work. One cannot stand directly on the slate as slate shingles are extremely fragile, so the crew built a staging in order to work on the roof. Only one person could be up on the roof at a time, making this a time-consuming install. With just one installer on the roof at a time, they had to be extremely knowledgeable, technical, detail-oriented, and specialized to do so. This was a 2 story house, adding an additional layer of challenge for the team.

“We're one of the few installers in the region with the experience and training to install on slate roofs. The reason we're able to do this is that Ted (Solar Wolf Energy Inc. Chairman) has actually been working on slate roofs since he was an apprentice roofer at age 15! When we first started installing solar on slate roofs, he took our lead installers and electricians to job sites and showed them the step-by-step process of working on slate roofs and installing panels safely on them. This hands-on training has been duplicated through our crew, giving us an edge against other installers. Ted's specialized familiarity with slate roofs has allowed him to pass that knowledge on to our installer and electrician teams, setting us apart from other solar companies that have to turn down unique projects like these.” - Alex Steele of Solar Wolf Energy

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