11.4kW Hybrid Residence

The goal of this project was to ensure backup power for an extended period of time. The customer wanted his whole home to be powered during utility outages to avoid mold buildup and keep his home office functional during outages. The customer's home is located in a hurricane-prone area and he experienced power outages for two weeks in the past.

With Greentech Renewables, AltWays designed and installed a Dual-Access SimpliPhi-Schneider 28K kWh Energy Storage Solution combined with an 11.4 kW PV system and 22kW generator. The customer can now run his whole house with minimal load management requirements for near infinite time without utility power. The ESS and PV enable the customer to run the generator for a minimal time to reduce noise and gas consumption to minimize emissions.

Trying to back up a whole house with high load profile is always challenging. This system is very sophisticated and required lots of engineering and technical support from Schneider Electric and others. One challenge was that all operations and functions needed to be automated so the customer does not have to “switch” breakers and transfer switches himself in case grid goes down. Monitoring solutions were requested by the customer as well.


St. Augustine, FL 32084
United States

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