17kW Battery Back-Up Conway, MA

    This is an 'All-Bells-and-Whistles' residential hybrid system built around 2 Schneider XW6848 inverters. The system automatically switches from Grid-tie mode to Off-Grid mode within milliseconds in case of a grid outage.

    The array is located inconspicuously 500ft from the inverter room which is in the basement of an outbuilding (studio). The inverters service 2 emergency panels located respectively in the main dwelling and in the studio. 

    During a grid outage, these panels are powered by the inverters either from the battery bank or the PV. In this mode, batteries get charged during the day from the PV array and are used at night for powering the local loads.

    During a normal grid-up situation the batteries are in standby (float) mode. All incoming PV power is converted into AC and either used on site or fed back into the power grid or both (Grid-tie mode). Productions is metered for SRECs.

    A 13kW propane autostart generator existed already on the site and was integrated into the Schneider system as an 'If-all-else-fails' backup solution. If battery SOC falls below 40% the generator will start up automatically and charge the batteries to 60% SOC while powering the emergency panels as well.

    The system uses 24pcs GS Yuasa SLR 1000-2 Batteries from Greentech Renewables. This is an advanced Nano-Carbon Deep Cycle Valve Regulated Lead Acid Battery rated for at least 5000 recharge cycles. As opposed to standard flooded batteries, these are maintenance free and have minimal outgassing. 


    Conway, MA 01341
    United States

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