The Quad Cities International Airport, located in Moline, Illinois, connects travelers throughout Eastern Iowa and Western Illinois to the rest of the world. The Airport was looking to offset their electrical bills, capture state and federal tax incentives, while simultaneously lowering their carbon footprint. In June of 2021, the Quad City Airport reached out to Solar USA, LLC to complete this solar job.

Although having to deal with FAA compliances throughout the installation process, Solar USA was able to successfully complete the project. They designed a 1.83 MW system for the airport in collaboration with the Greentech Renewables C&I solutions. The Greentech Renewables team helped select the racking for 4 different complex roof types including standing seam carport, flat roof EPDM, standing seam metal roof, and trapezoidal metal roof. It was a difficult project for the C&I team to complete on deadline, certain items needed to be customized and needed to be on site at a certain time. But, through hard work the project deadline was met. 

The Quad Cities International Airport is excited to have a clean, renewable source of energy. The system will generate enough power to offset more than 50% of the airport’s current usage. They expect this project to save millions of dollars for energy expenses over the lifetime of the system. Now, the customers of the Quad City Airport can have a nice view of solar energy as they take off and land!

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