In Myrtle Beach, Carolina Energy Conservation partnered with Greentech Renewables to install an 18.55 kW solar array on a residential property using Jinko Solar modules and Fronius inverters.

Carolina Energy Conservation sold and installed an 18.55 DC kW system on a raised 2-story home in North Myrtle Beach early this year.  The homeowner uses the upper floor and rents out the lower floor.  There are multiple meters on the house, one for each floor.  The system's production was estimated to cover approximately 90% of the property's annual usage.

Carolina Energy Conservation, in collaboration with Greentech Renewables, leveraged the technological advancements of the Jinko Solar Maxim product by pairing with two Fronius inverters with Rapid Shutdown Boxes. This strategic decision enhanced the system's performance and resulted in significant cost savings for the customer, both on the optimizers and the labor to install them, thereby demonstrating the system's excellent return on investment.

At the time of installation, the local utility ran a rebate of $1.60 per watt up to 6kW.  Working with the utility, Carolina Energy Conservation was able to segregate the 70 Jinko Solar Maxim 265-watt panels to match the usage for each meter, generating two $9,600 incentive checks for the customer.

The system is working perfectly and generating more power than the original projections, much to the customer's delight!


North Myrtle Beach, SC 29582
United States

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