Photo of the residential installation in Orange County, CA

This alluring 3.4 kW residential installation project, completed earlier in 2022, was made possible thanks to our Greentech Renewables Orange County location and the hard work of the CA Solar Group. This Orange County, CA home features eight solar panels and inverters. The solar panels are Hanwha Q CELLS - Q.PEAK DUO L-G8.2 425, paired with Enphase IQ7a microinverters.

While the homeowner notes that their transition to solar has allowed them to reduce their utility costs, they enjoy the outdoors and deeply care for the environment. Therefore, adding solar to their home fits their lifestyle. The homeowner also plans to purchase an electric vehicle in the near future, so it is important that they have additional space on the roof to add to a solar system as they plan for continued renewable energy additions. Thanks to PV, their house now provides them with an opportunity to live more sustainably while also leaving room for future adornments.

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Orange County , CA 90620
United States