4.5 MW Commercial Installation in Old Towne, ME

This astonishing 4.5 MW commercial installation was completed in July 2022 thanks to our Greentech Renewables Pennsauken location and the efforts of Vanguard Energy Partners. The installation features Sungrow inverters, Jinko 400 Watt modules, JA Solar 370 Watt modules, and AlsoEnergy DAS kits.

The winter months and flat land topography presented challenges during installation. The project was developed on an airfield with flat land and poor drainage. During the harsh winter in Maine, the ground froze, making the construction site similar to an ice rink.

The snow and ice melted in the spring, leaving the land excessively muddy. Unfortunately, this slowed construction considerably, but Vanguard overcame this by working with local electricians and contractors who are familiar with Maine's weather patterns. All parties worked together to bring this phenomenal installation to life!

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Old Towne, ME 04468
United States

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