50kW Wynnburg TN Carport

A 50kW carport array installed as part of a REAP grant by Tennessee Valley Solar.

Tennessee Valley Solar (TVS) made this project possible by helping the customer secure multiple incentives and delivering a successful installation, including funds from the Renewable Energy for America Program (REAP) grant.

Using a combination of the Tennessee Valley Authority's Green Power Providers Program, the U.S. Department of Agriculture's Rural Energy for America Program, and the Federal Investment Tax Credit, TVS was able to deliver a low risk investment opportunity to the customer with an impressive internal rate of return ~24% and approximately 4 year payback period!

The canopy serves two main functions: along with exporting clean electricity on to the grid, the space underneath the array is used as parking for combines and other farm equipment. At 14' high on the south side, this was no minor engineering undertaking. Overall, this is a great example of the future of distributed energy generation; creative and multi-functional.


Main St, Wynnburg, TN 38077
United States

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