In the summer of 2022, a local condominium community came to Mass Renewables looking for an installer to develop their solar project. One member of the Condominium Association Board, who was particularly excited about exploring solar energy for the facility, asked the Mass Renewables team if they might be able to offset their community center's annual electricity usage. Mass Renewables was up for the challenge!

The installers began developing an array plan with sizing and design details, sourcing 395W Canadian Solar HiKu 6 modules, IronRidge XR600 rails and HUG attachments, and a SolarEdge Single-Phase Grid-Tied inverter from their partners at Greentech Renewables Mansfield.

With design plans and product pricing firmed up, the leading board member took a proposal to the full condominium board for their buy-in. From there, the board recommended the project to the full Condominium Association, who voted to approve the installation. Given the democratic nature of the condominium model, this process lasted several months, and the project would have to wait for a few more green lights before moving forward with installation.

However, by the summer of 2023, the project received full approval. The Mass Renewables team set down an installation date, and the team at the Greentech Renewables Mansfield warehouse was able to adapt product acquisition to the project's unique timeframe. The end result looks superb, and this process illuminated the power of local partnerships in the solar industry.

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