Bloomington Neighborhood Solar Initiative

Panasonic Solar Residential Installation
Jefferson Electric is bringing solar energy to the good people of Bloomington, Indiana.

The Bloomington Neighborhood Solar Initiative is a program that strives to solarize neighborhoods in Bloomington, Indiana. The limitations created by the age and geography of the city (most notably the age of the roofs and high tree cover) prompted the need for a dynamic module capable of producing efficient kilowatt yields in high shade and high cloud areas. When Jefferson Electric was selected as the installer for the initiative in early 2016 the Panasonic HIT series proved to be a common sense solution.

The Panasonic HIT 325W modules seen in this installation carry a 19.7% module efficiency rating, with a 25 year production warranty. That corresponds to a net zero meter production in a landscape that does not favor solar efficiency. Panasonics have grown to become a go-to panel for our customers needing a reliable and flexible option in the solar market.  

Greentech Renewables is honored to support the efforts on Jefferson Electric in their residential and commerical project portfolio. 


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