Rooftop Solar Array

Started in 1973, the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust has been working to keep the natural beauty of Kennebunkport intact. Working with the community, the Trust has been able to protect land that was in danger of development. But the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust wanted to do more. So they contacted Maine Solar Solutions, who was able to provide them a solution. 

With the help of Greentech Renewables, Auburn, Maine Solar Solutions was able to make this solar project a reality. Greentech Renewables Auburn provided 33 370 W panels, 33 P400 SolarEdge Optimizers, and 1 SolarEdge SE10000H inverter to Maine Solar Solutions for this rooftop array.  

Maine Solar Solutions designed and installed a solar array for the Trust that offsets 100% of their annual electric usage and has the ability to generate 14,933 kWh per year. The work covers the electrical needs of all three of the Trust’s main locations. All excess power produced at their locations during the day is sent back to the grid for credit towards the Trust’s power usage during times of low solar production, like nighttime or cloudy days. 

Thanks to the hard work of Maine Solar Solutions and Greentech Renewables Auburn, the Kennebunkport Conservation Trust was able to increase its conservation efforts and become a guiding example for its community about the benefits of going solar. 

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