Cazeault Solar and Home proudly partnered with Greentech Renewables to bring photovoltaic technology to a residential building in the historical area of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts.

In November 2017, Cazeault Solar and Home installed a 9.76kW solar system on the property owned by Sea Rock Estate in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. Because the property is in the town's Historic District, Cazeault Solar and Home worked closely with the Historical Committee and the building and electrical inspectors. Greentech Renewables developed the design with input from all stakeholders. The project showcased Cazeault's ability to successfully construct high-quality solar systems that involve many departments and organizations. 

"Combining classic architecture with new technology creates a number of challenges, structurally, electrically, and aesthetically. In this application I believe we succeeded in all three of those aspects to provide an excellent product for Sea Rock Properties," said Sam Ziergiebel, Quality Assurance Manager for Cazeault Solar and Home.

"It was a pleasure working with Ben and David of Sea Rock on this great investment and implementing their vision to become reality. And the Town of Manchester was most positive in guiding us through their regulations. This was a completely coordinated effort by many to follow community priorities while upgrading a property with emerging clean energy technology. "Greentech Renewables balanced the needs and input of the community to bring the design and equipment forward,” said Tim Sanborn, Owner of Cazeault Solar and Home.


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