Replenova Farm Solar Barn

Solar Barn Array

Replenova Farm, originally located in Cumberland, Maine, is an organic farm that grows vegetables sold at local markets in the surrounding area. The Farm was started in 2015 and has continued to grow rapidly. As they kept growing, Replenova decided to expand and build a new barn in Durham, Maine. The Farm, always looking to be sustainable in all aspects of their work, looked to Maine Solar Solutions to install solar panels on their new barn.

Thanks to the support and resources of Greentech Renewables Auburn, Maine Solar Solutions was able to install a beautiful array at Replenova Farm to support the new building needs. These needs include equipment and supply storage as well as their main office, walk-in cooler, store and small restaurant featuring all local products. For the project 59 QCELL 395 W panels, 2 SolarEdge SE10000H inverters and an IronRidge racking system were used to offset 85% of the farm’s energy usage.

By owning and operating their own business, Relenova Farm gets to determine their daily practices. These practices include being environmentally conscious as they work towards growing the organic vegetable market in Maine. This goal is incredibly important to them as well as helping shape the future of Maine’s resources and economy. Replenova Farm is committed to a sustainable economy; by getting solar on their new barn they have taken a step towards realizing that goal.



Durham, ME 04222
United States