Greentech Renewables 530 kW commercial installation project in Hartford, CT.

Greentech Renewables Commercial Solutions

Greentech Renewables Commercial Solutions is a team of industry experts specializing in project methodologies, finance structures, and end-to-end product supply and logistics. We'll help you reduce risk and improve cash flow by providing access to some of the strongest manufacturer partnerships in the industry.

Project Development

Our Commercial Solutions team helps you reduce risk. They are equipped to address your project management needs and offer exhaustive solutions to common pitfalls. We understand that contractual issues, inspections, cash flow issues, and state-specific regulations can be challenging. Our experts know what to expect in different jurisdictions and can help you navigate complex permitting processes to ensure your project runs smoothly.

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Commercial Projects

Greentech Renewables Commercial Solutions offers design, procurement, and logistics support for any variety of unique commercial solar projects including:

  • Load-cited and standalone ground mount installations
  • Distributed rooftop portfolios and large rooftop installations
  • Pre-engineered and custom carport solutions
  • Energy storage and battery backup
  • EV charging systems

EXPLoRe Commercial Projects

Design Services and Finance Solutions

At Greentech Renewables, we go beyond supply with our essential services for commercial projects. Our Design Services team provides extensive engineering resources and job site logistics support for commercial and utility-scale projects.

Greentech Finance Solutions can help you organize product and material orders, oversee loan acquisition and maintenance, and provide customized finance options for your projects. 


Greentech Renewables Design Services

Greentech Renewables Design Services offers decades of experience with the engineering resources to do design directly. Our model is fully scalable to meet your timeline and budget requirements. From site and array plans to electrical diagrams, our design teams can accommodate project complexities from start to finish. 

Greentech Finance Solutions (GFS)

Discover customized finance options for commercial solar projects through our exclusive lender partnerships. Our commercial finance teams are equipped to organize product and material orders, oversee loan acquisition and maintenance, and assist with correspondence between lending partners. 

Commercial Offerings

When you partner with Greentech Renewables Commercial Solutions, you gain access to established manufacturer partnerships that can maximize resources to ensure success. Our strong, strategic relationships with leading renewable energy manufacturers allow us to offer an extensive inventory of products. From solar modules to racking to gear and electrical BOS, we are your key source for the most innovative commercial solutions in the industry.

Expanding outside of traditional PV, our commercial solutions offerings include gear, commercial storage, microgrids, commercial BOS, carports, and EVs to meet the needs of any project. 

PV (Mods, Inverters, Racking, DC BOS)

  • A curated selection of tier-1 offerings for all system sizes from global innovators with a focus on the US supply chain.

Gear (Design, special order, and stock product)

  • Access to all major US gear lines, with an emphasis on lead-time mitigation and creative solutions.

BESS/Commercial Storage

  • From system design to component sourcing, to EMS/BMS - We’ve got your modular and containerized BESS needs covered.

Electrical BOS

  • Providing one-stop-shopping for all of your project eBOS requirements- from cable to conduit to combiners.

EV Chargers

  • Level 2 and Level 3 DCFC options from industry leaders for a wide range of applications.

Carport Solutions

  • Pre-fabbed modular and full-custom options available.

Material Logistics


As the components and schedules of projects evolve, we offer a diverse range of material handling options and logistical expertise to assist our clients. Greentech Renewables' warehouses provide secure storage for products, ensuring convenient equipment availability. By leveraging our customer storage capabilities in conjunction with the extended payment program offered by Greentech Finance Services, you can procure equipment while upholding cash flow discipline. 



Vendor Managed Inventory

Utilizing vendor-managed inventory (VMI) software, Greentech Renewables Commercial Solutions optimizes stock and secures recurring revenue for installer customers. 

Commercial Inventory Positions

In addition to highest-quality inventory management, Greentech Renewables offers dedicated inventory space for commercial products.

Job Site Logistics

Our team collaborates with local contacts to communicate anticipated product arrival and shipment contents. Whether sourced from our warehouse or directly from the manufacturer, we assume the responsibility of managing the intricacies of logistics. Our many years of experience allow us to be dependable logistics partners. Our local teams have market knowledge of the necessary services to deliver to any job site. 

Staggered Deliveries

We can manage product from a specific point to the job with deliveries to accommodate the project schedule. Rather than pay for onsite storage or extra costs to keep materials secure, we can provide support and ship deliveries on a schedule based on job requirements.  


With over 100 locations across the country, we are not just bound by our local inventory. 10 of our locations are commercial-focused allowing us to utilize those warehouses for last-minute storage needs.

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