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IronRidge BX System Inverter Mounting Assembly w/ Rail and Hardware, BX-CMA-SI-M1

Note: Review inverter manufacturer's installation instructions for inverter mounting details.
The String Inverter Mounting Kit creates a mounting platform for inverters on top of the BX Chassis. The maximum weight of the inverter shall not exceed 720 lbs.
Cross Rails:
Cut provided rails to length, as needed. Install four Cage Nuts in the square holes on the edges of the Chassis. Then, install an L-Foot into each Cage Nut location using a 5/16 In. bolt tightened to 80 in-lbs. Attach rails to L-Feet using 3/8 In. T-bolt bonding hardware tightened to 250 in-lbs.
Top Rails:
Assemble the top rails using four L-Feet on top of cross rails. Install four L-Feet on top of the cross rails using 1/4 In. T-bolt and nut tightened to 80 in-lbs. Attach top rails to L-Feet using 3/8 In. T-bolt Bonding Hardware tightened to 250 in-lbs. Space top rails according to the mounting requirements for the inverter being used.
Kit Includes:
  • 4x Cagenuts
  • 8x L-feet
  • 4x Flange Head Cap Screws
  • 4x XR-10 48 In. Mill Rail
  • 8x T-bolt bonding hardware
  • 4x Microinverter bonding hardware

  • BX has an 8-10% increase in power density when compared with leading competitor systems
  • Provides an anchoring method with a variety of roofing membranes, making it possible to eliminate ballast weight, meet seismic requirements, or build hybrid systems
  • designed to offer protection for PV conductors and leads running row-to-row in the N-S direction
  • Fewer than 10 parts per project, with no wind deflectors required
  • Free online Design Assistant provides a bill of materials, ballast map, PE dry stamp, and more

General Information

Mill Finish
Aluminum/Stainless Steel
Flat Roof - Ballast