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IronRidge BX System MLPE Mounting Assembly, BX-CMA-MI-M1, Qty 1

The IronRidge MLPE Mounting Assembly is an optional product for any BX System. Mount microinverters and power optimizers directly to the Chassis using the MLPE Mounting Hardware Kit. Alternatively, you can use a third-party module mounting bracket (following manufacturer instructions).
To install the MLPE Mounting Hardware Kit, place the included cage nut into either of the square cut-outs on the lower edge of a Chassis. Secure your MLPE device with a 5/16 In. flange bolt torqued to 60 in-lbs.
  • BX has an 8-10% increase in power density when compared with leading competitor systems
  • Provides an anchoring method with a variety of roofing membranes, making it possible to eliminate ballast weight, meet seismic requirements, or build hybrid systems
  • designed to offer protection for PV conductors and leads running row-to-row in the N-S direction
  • Fewer than 10 parts per project, with no wind deflectors required
  • Free online Design Assistant provides a bill of materials, ballast map, PE dry stamp, and more
  • Stainless steel 300 series

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Stainless Steel
Flat Roof - Ballast