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SolaDeck 01612 AC PASS-THRU 2 Circuit Kit Terminal Block

SolaDeck is a PV wire enclosure and seamless flashed product all in one. SolaDeck eliminates the multiple parts and respective labor typically needed to accomplish the roof penetration for a weather-tight wiring passageway into the home.

The SolaDeck 2 String Terminal Block Pass through Kit is rated to 600V 65 amps, and can be used with 6AWG to 16AWG (10 mm wide) wire for clean pass through.

Kit includes 4 ER10 terminal blocks, and uses one ER10 block per string, positive and negative, for pass through applications, eliminating wire nuts.

Up to two 2-string kits can be used in each SolaDeck 6" DIN Rail Pass-through Enclosures, and can be used for AC microinverter branch circuit or high voltage DC string pass through

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