Can I connect two charge controllers on the same battery bank?

I have one Outback FM60 charge controller on my offgrid PV system.

I'd like to increase the generation since I've connected my DC water pump to the battery and the battery strage is not enough. I can't find equivalent solar panels as they are pretty old.

I decided to buy couple of more panels and connect it to the battery bank, but is it possible? 


Yes, you can connect two different arrays and charge controllers to the same battery bank. The Array 1 and Array 2 voltages could be different. And you can connect more than two arrays and charge controllers- all in parallel.

The battery bank Voltage must be lower than your array Voltage so that your PV system would charge your battery. You can combine all the charge controllers in the DC breaker box. 

In addition to your DC usage, you can also connect an Inverter/Charger to your system (also combined in the DC breaker box). I'm going to attach a simple drawing of what I just explained.

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