I had original CSI reservation that was based on 27 of the ET660230B panels for 5.350 kW in CSI rating. I've since changed the size of my system to 5.667 kW - an increase of 317W or a 9.4% increase in system capacity. I suppose worst case I just won't get the incentive on the excess, but do you know how this works?


You can upsize the system. However, the incentive on the additional wattage will be paid at the rate for when you claim your CSI incentive. For example, you reserved 5.35kW at 35 cents but you mean to claim 5.667, the 317W will be paid at the current 25 cent incentive rate.

For your incentive to be valid, your interconnection and incentives must match.

That is a good question and a great response.  I pulled this from the CSI Handbook

On page 76 it says just what Andres783 stated, the key is to make sure you keep your Program Administrator in the loop.

4.8 System Changes Affecting Incentive Amount

The Program Administrator will expect a system to be installed as described in the Reservation Request Package. However, it is recognized that changes may occur during installation and that changes may be necessary in some circumstances.

If the installed system is smaller in output than specified in the Reservation Request Package or Proof of Project Milestone, the incentive amount will be calculated using the installed system size. If the installed system is larger than that originally specified in the Reservation Request Package or Proof of Project Milestone the incentive will be recalculated based upon the installed system size, with the incremental addition to the system receiving the current level of incentive.

If the increase in size occurs after the expiration date of the Confirmed Reservation, the incremental addition will be considered a new project and must submit a Reservation Request with its required documentation.

If the installed system changes or an increase to the system is made after the Incentive Claim approval, the new system size and equipment must be reported to the Program Administrator and utility interconnection departments. System additions greater than or equal to 1 kW may apply for a CSI incentive if all eligibility requirements are met. PAs must be notified in the case of system additions less than 1 kW. Failure to do so may result in an Applicant and/or Contractor failure.

If the entire available budget for a Program Administrator is reserved for other projects and there is no available funding, the Program Administrator cannot increase the reserved incentive amount.

Please review Section 3.2.1 for information on the application process should the calculator change.

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