We are looking on a commercial installation where we want to apply for the 1603 Department of Treasury payments for specified engery property in lieu of tax credits.  Is there a requirement that the solar modules, inverters and/or balance of systems be US produced to qualify for a 1603 grant application?


This is a very good question.  If you look at this DOE  FAQ:

Q: Do the Buy American provisions apply to all projects funded by the Recovery Act?

A: No. The provisions only apply to projects for the construction, alteration, maintenance or repair of public buildings or public works funded by the Recovery Act. This FAQ addresses common questions by EERE financial assistance recipients (grantees), whose awards are governed by the OMB Interim Final Guidance at 2 CFR Part 176, Subpart B. For contractors performing Recovery Act funded work under contract with the Federal government, FAR Subpart 25.6 applies.

Therefore, it only pertains to public works or buildings.  So in this case it would not apply.   










Furthermore, a recent customer reached to the 1603 helpline and asked:   

Question:  Is there a requirement that solar modules, inverters and balance of systems be US produced to qualify for a 1603 grant application?

Answer: It is not required that they be produced in the US. (From: 1603Questions@treasury.gov)

Thanks for the help on this answer Mark.

In addition, here is a link to the Department of Treasury 1603 Program.





No, you are free to maximize your personal profits by contributing to the US trade imbalance and loss of manufacturing, with all the cascading effects on national employment, opportunities and prosperity for future generations of Americans.  After all, there are countries with nasty dictatorships that would love to sell you cheaper stuff made by $3/day employees in plants with minimal safety and environmental regulation.

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