Enphase Combiner Box Substitute

I can't find an Envoy Combiner Box anywhere. Is there a way to build a code-compliant Enphase combiner box?


This question has been asked often by installers during this market shortage.  Enphase provided the following helpful advice to make your own Q Combiner:


To make your own Qcombiner box…Use an off-the-shelf subpanel with the required ampacity and circuit capacity for the job.

  1. Buy an IQ Envoy standalone and wire it off a 2-pole 10A breaker in the subpanel, along with a neutral connection.
  2. Install/mount the Envoy in an NEMA 3R non-metallic enclosure adjacent to the subpanel, such as the Arlington EB1111 or EB1212. 
  3. Cellular, wi-fi or hardwired options can be used for providing internet, and production and consumption CT's would be wired (if needed) as shown on page 3 of the IQ Envoy quick install guide. 
  4. Page 12 of this guide covers some details: https://enphase.com/sites/default/files/downloads/support/TechBrief-Pla…


Good luck with your project!

4 years ago
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