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Hello, I'm wondering if you offer any portable solar/inverter/battery products? I'd like to use a small system for traveling to charge phones, laptops, produce light, or power a heat source (if possible). Thank you for your time!


Michael Goldberg commented 3 years ago

Hello. Thanks for reaching out. We don't carry this type of product in our warehouses today.

These products are better suited for retail type operations. Thanks again.

Guy Burks commented 1 year 2 months ago

What you are looking for is called a Portable Solar Generator. There are lots of them on the market; you just have to decide how much power you need for how long and buy accordingly. They range in price from less than $100 to several thousand. Depending on your need, it can be as simple as buying an inexpensive inverter that you plug into your cigarette lighter to run a laptop, charge phones, etc.

3 years ago
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Garen Lemos