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    I would like to install a generator to a grid tied SMA SunnyBoy & Sunny Island system tied into an essentials panel.

    I need advice on a transfer switch that has a relay bult in to tie to the DIGIN of the Sunny Island or I could sue a separate 12v Relay connecgtor some how to the "grid" so when the grid goes down the Sunny Island will know it has a generator to work with if needed.

    Any recommendations on am automatic or manual transfer switch (TS) ?  Also,  Could I place the TS between the main AC line that is coming off the the main outside break panel ans the Sunny Island and tie the both the utility and generator into the transfer switch then run appropriaye line from the TS into the Sunny Island's AC2?  The Sunny Island has only one connection that either a generator or grid needs to be connect to.  Please advise.  Thank You.





    The SI has a couple of ways to detect and use the generator, we would need a full 1-line drawing of your system to make a recommendation. Have a look at this great document that describes how the SI works with a generator: 

    Also, I attached a basic diagram of how the generator fits into the system.

    - Stuart

    Brian James commented 5 years 5 months ago

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    Let me draw my system out.  I should be able to upload it tomorrow morning or so.  Thanks

    Brian James

    Brian James commented 5 years 5 months ago

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    Please see attached pdf file with my system drawing.  What Manual transfer switch would you recommend with the SMA Sunny Island?  I'll need to somehow place a auxilary realy to the DIGIN of the SI to let the SI know whent the grid goes down.  If the Manual  transfer realy doesn't have a auxilary realy would the Manual  transfer switch you recommend have a way to wire in an external auxilary relay?  Please advise.  Thank You.

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