Schneider Combox Clarification

If I'm using a Schneider Combox do I also need to install a Systems Control Box? 


No you do not. Any modbus device will work. The following materials are supplied in the Conext ComBox package:


❐ Conext ComBox unit
❐ Conext ComBox Quickstart Guide
❐ Conext ComBox CD includes:
• Device Discovery Tool
• Conext ComBox Owner’s Guide
❐ AC/DC power adapter (PN: 0J-921-0023-Z) with replaceable multi-plug for
North America, Europe, Asia, UK
• 5.5 mm diameter (outer, negative), 2.1 mm diameter (inner, positive)
• 12 VDC (output), 1.5 ADC
❐ Dry contact connector
❐ RS 485 Modbus connector
❐ Ethernet cable (2 m)
❐ USB cable (1.8 m)
❐ Xanbus network terminator
❐ Two #6 wood screws with anchors
Additional Material and Tools
The following materials and tools are not supplied but are required to complete
the installation:
• CAT5 or CAT5e network cable(s) for Xanbus connections - 6.5 feet (2 m) or
• Modbus network cables(s)
• Wire stripper
• Ferrules
For wall mount:
• Two #6 (or equivalent) mounting screws for non-drywall mounting
• Screwdriver set
For DIN rail mount:
• 35-mm “top hat” DIN rail (EN50022)
• Pliers
• Diagonal cutter or heavy duty scissors
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