How do I apply for the SGIP rebate on a residential system and what happens if I do not make the lottery for the incentive level I apply for?


Installers have to apply for the SGIP program through the specific utility platform.  If your project is located in SC&E territory you must use their platform.  This includes information such as host customer information, system owner (if not host owner) information, applicant information, approved permits, storage capacity, storage technology, among other technical information.  Once all the utilities have released the formal 2017 application Greentech Renewables can walk you through gathering relevant information and the application process.

If you apply for a Tier 1 rebate, or $.50/Wh, and are working with a storage system that is 10kWh, you will need to pay 5% of the total incentive level or 5% x $.50/Wh x 10,000Wh = $250.  Assuming that the project is approved based on all the relevant application information, your reservation will hold until the next level.  This means that if you do not win the Tier 1 lottery your project will be pushed into the following Tier 2 incentive level of $.45/Wh (or $.40Wh if Tier 1 is filled within 10 days).  If you then win the Tier 2 incentive for the project you will receive the full $.45/Wh x 10,000Wh = $4,500.  This essentially makes the reservation fee 100% refundable.