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Solar energy occupations have increased in nearly every state in the US over the past few years. Substantial growth has been reported in the project and installation sector, more than tripling the available jobs in over a decade. The residential market has grown exponentially, emphasizing the need for skilled solar installers. The US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that solar installers are among the fastest-growing occupations in 2022. 

That’s enough data for now. Let’s discuss some of the most accessible ways to obtain solar installation and various other types of renewable energy training certifications for those entering the industry or looking to add new skills and experience to their offerings. Below is an extensive list of available online and in-person training courses and programs to grow your solar business and advance your career. 

    • The North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners is a nonprofit professional certification and accreditation program established to support the development of professionals in the renewable energy industry. NABCEP offers a significant variety of technical training courses and recertification courses. 
      • Solar professionals can obtain NABCEP board certifications to meet the needs of complex solar projects around the world, along with obtaining certifications such as PV technical sales to better prepare them for leadership roles. 
      • Regardless of what you are looking for, the NABCEP Course Catalog has a course that will benefit you and your solar business. 
  • Solar Training Network - Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy
    • The Solar Training Network provides a network of solar workforce development and training professionals to guide individuals throughout their solar career.
      • Training Centers are available in the Northeast, Northern Mid-Atlantic States, Southern Mid-Atlantic States, Southeast, Midwest, Rocky Mountain Partnership, and California and Hawaii Partnership. 
    • The Solar Training Network also provides a Solar Ready Vets program available to military personnel who are close to retirement. 
  • US Solar Institute
    • The US Solar Institute offers a wide variety of online training courses starting from learning the basics of PV energy to hands-on solar installation training. 
      • Some courses include continuing education credits.
  • SEI - Solar Energy International 
    • SEI provides an array of online training, energy courses, and workshops to solar professionals across the industry. 
  • Solar Manufacturer Training Programs
  • Online Programs
    • There are quite a few online education platforms that offer solar energy courses from various colleges. Below is a list of some of the free and paid options available. 
  • The University Route

Not sure where to start? The Interstate Renewable Energy Council created the Solar Career Map to guide solar professionals through the many routes that can be taken to achieve advancement and success in this career field. You will find support from educators, career advisors, policymakers, fellow solar professionals, and workforce professionals. Greentech Renewables is also a valuable educational resource for all solar professionals. We often host online demonstrations and live installation trainings with some of the most prominent solar manufacturers in the industry. You may access all upcoming events on our Events page and previous events on our Resources page.


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