Residential Solar Installation

Located in Boise Idaho, this residential project is overlooking the Lucky Peak Reservoir. With the help of Greentech Renewables Boise, Idahome Solar was able to provide this home with all the materials needed to complete this amazing project. The project utilizes 96 of JinkoSolar’s EAGLE 60HM G2 320W panels, allowing the system to produce 30.72kW! 

The main challenge Idahome Solar faced was keeping this project under the strict residential rule from the local utility company, Idaho Power regarding a 25kW max for A/C rating on inverters. The project ended as a huge success and with a very happy homeowner "We are incredibly lucky to have had the chance to install such a beast of a system with a view that magnificent”. 

Idahome Solar was the residential winner of the Jinko Photo contest; during the project they knew they had a very special build on their hands and the photo certainly shows it. The icing on the cake for them was the "Keep Your Forests Green" slogan on the dam. Idahome Solar is very proud to provide green energy to green forests!

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Rachael Miller commented 2 years 7 months ago

Were they able to do this by just having Inverters that were less than 25KW?

Hello. The AC max is 25kW so yes inverters were less than or = 25kW. Thanks again for your question.


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