29.98 kW Residential Install in Vero Beach, FL

This 29.98 kW residential installation serves the energy needs of the owners of this small farm property in Vero Beach, Florida. The rooftop array helps offset the clients' electricity use from small-scale agricultural operations along with daily residential life.

Urban Solar, with the help of our team at Greentech Renewables Miami, recently completed this beautiful install featuring a small farm owned, managed, and operated out of Vero Beach, Florida. For decades, it had been a lifelong dream of these clients' to retire on a small-scale farm to raise animals and tend to the earth, but they quickly became overwhelmed with the high energy costs associated with daily farm operations and maintenance. PV technology provided them with an opportunity to establish their farm as a self-sufficient place for sustainable living.

The clients note that their transition to solar has allowed them to dramatically reduce their utility costs, resulting in greater sense of peace and confidence in the farm's longevity. Knowing that their farm is operating on a cleaner and greener energy source brings these owners immense joy! They are extremely happy with their decision to go solar and have received numerous compliments on how beautiful their installation looks.

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Vero Beach, FL 32960
United States

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