32kW North Africa Off-Grid Hatchery

    Today only 8 breeding pairs of the North African Desert Ostrich remain in the World. In an effort to save the North African Desert Ostrich, the Sahara Conservation Fund and Wildlife Conservation Network have launched a three-pronged plan including protection, captive breeding, and reintroduction to stop the ostrich from going extinct. Accomplishing this in the Sahelo Sahara desert is challenging. Team Niger, in collaboration with their corporate partners, is building the most comprehensive solar field station one can imagine. This will be shipped in mid-April 2018 from California to Niger and consist of four highly modified containers as the field station and one for storage.

    The system will provide 32 kW of solar energy and have 144 kWh of usable battery storage for an incubator, hatchers, VSAT communications system, BACnet, lighting, water pumping, water heater, as well as a refrigerator and freezer. The field station/laboratory can be monitored and controlled remotely and will have two video high-resolution video cams. Because of the often extreme temperatures, sometimes as high as 130, all of the containers are airconditioned.  Almost every component is custom-made or fitted, built and tested in CA, then disassembled and finally reassembled in Niger.




    Novato, Niger

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