Commercial Solar Installation Story

In 2018, Aqua Gulf (formerly known as Key Cargo) faced the need to enhance their energy resilience and ensure uninterrupted operations for their warehouse in Jacksonville, FL. Specializing in cargo transportation by land and sea, Aqua Gulf recognized the critical importance of a reliable energy system that could seamlessly support their business during grid outages.

A1A Solar Contracting, fully prepared for the challenge, stepped up to address Aqua Gulf's energy needs. Recognizing the pivotal role of power resilience in their client's business, their team collaborated with Greentech Renewables to engineer a tailor-made solar and critical load backup system that could operate seamlessly alongside a backup generator during grid disruptions.

To tackle this formidable task, A1A and Greentech Renewables designed a solution incorporating two distinct inverter types, seamlessly interconnected at two separate points, all behind the same meter. The design featured a 121 kW PV system utilizing Chilicon microinverters, interconnected in conjunction with a backup generator downstream of an Automatic Transfer Switch. Furthermore, we relocated the critical loads for the facility into a new protected panelboard. The Chilicon microinverters demonstrated their versatility by behaving like standard grid-tied inverters when the grid was operational. In the event of an outage, these inverters exhibited their remarkable capability to sense voltage and frequency from the backup generator, seamlessly resuming power generation. This was possible thanks to Chilicon's advanced Volt-Watt mode grid support functionality, which ensured the inverters operated effectively within this microgrid, without the risk of causing voltage issues associated with unmatched load and generation. Each inverter continuously monitored voltage, linearly adjusting power output within preset start and stop voltage thresholds.

The second vital component of this project involved a 500 kW PV system equipped with SolarEdge 33.3kUS inverters, interconnected on the utility side of the Automatic Transfer Switch. During a grid outage, this system efficiently shut off to ensure a smooth transition to backup power.

Our installers understands the unique energy challenges that business owners face. At Greentech Renewables, we are committed to delivering innovative and reliable solutions to keep operations running smoothly, even during unexpected power disruptions.

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Commercial solar installation
Commercial solar installation
Commercial solar installation