Commercial Solar Installation Story

Replacements, Ltd., based in Greensboro, North Carolina, is the world's largest retailer of china, crystal, and silver. The company specializes in locating and supplying hard-to-find and discontinued patterns. Their flagship location houses approximately 12 million items from around 450,000 patterns, and their arena-sized warehouse spans eight football fields.

Always a proponent of sustainability, Replacements Ltd. is also an avid practitioner of recycling throughout its facility. Their business model is predicated on preserving and locating difficult-to-procure fine china and collectibles. Taking this "green" approach one step further, Replacements took the next step by embarking on a solar project for their rooftop.

Replacements Ltd. had long considered solar power for its financial and environmental benefits. When they expanded into a larger facility, they designed the roof to specifically sustain the additional weight of solar panels, making it a "solar ready" rooftop. Hoping to offset over 30% of their total energy use, Replacements Ltd. sought out a solar installer who specialized in large-scale rooftop PV array installation. 

Kathy Miller, Co-Founder and CEO of Yes Solar Solutions in Cary, North Carolina, was enthusiastic about Replacements Ltd.'s plans for solar expansion. To Kathy and her husband Stew, this PV project was yet another opportunity for them to achieve what led them into this business in the first place: "preparing the next generation for a sustainable future." It was an opportunity to work side-by-side with a company as dedicated to the environment as themselves. Yes Solar fully understands the positive impact solar add-ons can have on companies and their bottom line. From energy savings to financial benefits, solar projects are immense undertakings, yet they can yield huge savings.

Yes Solar Solutions went to their trusted source for material acquisition, Greentech Renewables. A solar project of this magnitude would require some logistics magic. Greentech Renewables arranged for all materials to ship directly to the job site. Mary Jane Gilliland, Account Manager from Greentech Renewables, worked closely with Yes Solar to ensure smooth shipments and consistent timelines.

The final result of Replacements Ltd.'s rooftop solar array project is spectacular. Spanning three-quarters of the entire surface of the arena-sized shopping facility, or 200,000 square feet, the PV system will save the company $100,000 per year in electricity costs.

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Solar panels on commercial building
Solar panels on commercial building
Solar panels on commercial building